Faculty & Staff Center

Employee Forms:


Application for Employment

Intended for all candidates who wish to apply for a position at ICILS.


Employee Emergency Contact Form

Important confidential information kept with ICILS for emergency purposes only.


Employee First Report of Illness or Injury

Fill out this form to report in the case of suffering any illness or injury at the workplace.







Exit Interview Form

Fill out this form when leaving your position at ICILS.


Faculty Activity Request Form

ICILS will support only approved academic activities. This form is required in order to request approval. Please complete all sections of the form and submit two weeks before planned activity. A description of the activity planned and how it applies to program objectives is required. Please refrain from preparing for or announcing the planned activity to students prior to approval.


Incident Form

Fill out this form to report any incident at ICILS.


Request for Leave or Absence

Fill out this form in advance to inform ICILS.


Medical Reimbursement Form

This form must be completed and submitted with a copy of the receipt(s) for reimbursement. This form

is required for medical, dental, optical, and prescription reimbursement.

Reimbursement will not be provided to the employee without a copy of the receipt attached to this

form. If a check needs to be sent directly to the doctor, pharmacy, etc., the invoice/bill needs to be

attached to this form in order for the payment to be made.


Request To Attend Form

Fill out this form to request  ICILS approval to attend a job related workshop, seminar or conference.


Group Request To Attend Form

Fill out this form to request  ICILS approval to attend a job related workshop, seminar or conference.


Statement of Confidentiality

Complete and sign this statement to acknowledge your responsibility to respect the confidentiality of students or department records, to follow procedures in order to protect privacy, and to act in a professional manner.


Statement of Grievance for Employees

This form may also be used to report concerns about actions taken regarding the employee's employment status (such as probation, termination, suspension, academic freedom or an alleged violation of state or federal law, such as sexual or racial harassment, ADA, etc.)

Employees are encouraged to informally resolve concerns, complaints and grievances at the lowest supervisory level. If a final decision is made by the supervisor that is not acceptable to the employee, the employee may submit this form to the Program Director. The highest level supervisor will meet with the employee and attempt to resolve the employee's concerns.


Supplies Order Form

Please list below any supplies you may need for your classroom or office, and submit to ICILS administrative office.

Appraisal Forms:


Administrative Faculty Evaluation


Faculty Annual Goals and Professional Development


Faculty Instructional Development Plan